Material Mythologies at the Minnesota Museum of American Art

Recently closed in the Minnesota Museum of American Art’s Project Space is “Material Mythologies.” From the Museum’s description: “Material Mythologies brings together textiles, beading, metal, ceramic, and glass by five artists from around the country, all of whom are working at the edge of contemporary craft and sculpture…With their innovative use of functional and non-functional forms, some of which include thousands and thousands of intricately assembled pieces, these artists and their works decode some of the entrenched assumptions about craft as they relate to gender, labor, history, and what is considered fine art.”

Following are galleries of the artists included. First, Teri Greeves:

Next, Sonya Clark, who also recently gave a talk at the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

Mary Giles, whose work I’ve written about before, and who recently gave a talk to fellow American Craft Council staffers and volunteers:

Helen Lee:

Jae Won Lee:

A wonderful exhibit. I can’t wait until the MMAA is fully open!

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