Over and Under at the College of Visual Arts Gallery

On display in June was this gem of a show at the College of Visual Arts Gallery in St. Paul, MN. It’s a wonderful space, and the works of these three artists were outstanding and well-suited to being displayed together.

They are labeled on a gallery map, not on the wall — which leads to a cleaner display, but harder for me to accurately represent as I usually take a picture of the piece and then the signage next to it. So, I will describe the artists and their works in general.

I had seen one of Mary Giles’ works at the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts; I believe the show was called Women and the Vessel. I went back to her vessel twice. She works in waxed linen, iron, and copper in these pieces.

Nancy MacKenzie had works in two different families. The first was weeping willow or applewood, waxed linen, and thread. The second is plastic vegetable bags, netting, and thread. I saw Nancy’s work in three places within a couple days: here, at The Grand Hand (I’ll post those later), and the American Craft Council gallery space.

The rich woven works are by Kelly Marshall, who works in cotton with linen weft, I believe. You can see her work, and Nancy’s, in the background of some of Mary’s works. Like I said, all these pieces really richly played off each other. Enjoy!

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