Zillion bead pickup

So. I pull a fliptop of red 8s out of my storage, and the cap gets stuck on the metal bracket. I think I’ll start with a broom, see if that will cure my floor’s chickenpox!  We’ve all done something like this, right?!

7 thoughts on “Zillion bead pickup”

  1. Mmm, that would be 1/2 a big flippie of vintage yellow in the couch cracks. The cushions aren’t removeable so… at least they’re yellow against a brown couch!

  2. I’ve managed to save most of the vintage yellows, there are a few popping up every so often, no coins in my couch, lol!

  3. I feel for you… I dumped a 2 lb box of spaghetti from an overhead cupboard all over my kitchen floor this spring, much to my littlest cat’s awe and amazement. So even as a non-beader I have some experiential empathy. But mostly I’ve just been meaning to tell you how very much I like your website- it’s excellent!

  4. Is some of that spaghetti still under your stove and/or fridge? In my house it would be! Thanks for the compliment, Claudia. I enjoy it. My website is fairly static, with only a few larger things, but this blog lets me put up things in process, little things, etc — not the performance anxiety or something?

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