Warping a Mirrix, part 2

Okay, I’m another hour and 45 minutes into it. It took me an hour and 15 minutes to wind off enough thread to complete warping it, wrap that onto a paper tube (worked great), and to finish warping it. (I made a mistake and had to go back probably 5 warps at one point.)


Then it’s on to figuring out heddles. In 30 minutes, I’ve put on 1″ of heddles (this is about 6″ wide). In that time, I did have to go back and pick up a warp pair that I’d left out. I need another hand, or something, but there’s not room for it.


I’m right-handed, and the instructions say to work from right to left if you’re right-handed. So, I pick up the next pair of warp threads. Keeping them both on my right pointer finger, I’m using my left hand to loop a heddle over the heddle bar, around the first warp, and over the heddle bar again. Then repeat with the other warp in the pair, and the other heddle bar.

I think I need to try to have the second warp in the pair rest on my middle finger? That way I can use my thumb and first finger on my dominant hand to help loop the heddle around the warp, that might speed it up.

Watching me warp a loom is like watching paint dry. Be glad you’re not seeing this in real time!!

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