Twin Cities Bead Bazaar Spring 2008

Carol and I had another bead outing within a week! This never happens, so this is a real treat. We went to the Twin Cities Bead Bazaar. The door opened on my favorite vendor, I’ll end with him. But first, check out the Silly Millies — this is Layle McDill, and I’ve seen her demonstrate at the Minnesota State Fair, and she also sells canes in various places around the metro. Look at the peacock feathers in the lower left.


There were some great fibers available from The Fiber Studio — see that swirl on the blob? I did part of that, needle felting.


A few others of note: Hip Chick Beads had great silver, great findings. There were some great clasps with boro from Bokamo. We also met Christi Anderson, profiled in the February/March 2008 Beadwork. She does amazingly detailed metal clay and cast silver work.

Now, my very favorite, Jeff Plath, lampworker and trade bead seller and all-around bead pusher. He gives me the large tray when I come, because I am helping him close out on the last of his French beads, no longer manufactured (maybe as of 5 or so years ago). He has a store in Taylor’s Falls, Wisconsin, which we will roadtrip to sometime, the Non Necessities of Life. So here’s a choice few pictures of his booth:





Carol and I have had a table at this show, but it’s been two years since we did. She sold doll forms, polymer clay faces, sweater purses, and more. I sold my kits. We had a grand time, and perhaps we’ll do it again sometime. Meanwhile, I left the show with 4 pounds of Jeff’s beads….

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  1. I have spent a small fortune with Jeff over the years. I love the French colors — the pumpkin in the vessel in my header is a French bead, yum! I just wish they were still making them.

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