Turquoise tubes bracelet

turquoise-tubes-completeFor a clasp, I decided to go with simple beads and loops.  It would be nicest if the tube beads would stay nice and straight, perpendicular to their closest tube neighbors, but that isn’t the case.  It’s secure though, so that’s good!

I think this took longer than it should because the next project on tap is the the Beading for a Cure 2010 project, and I’m not sure what I want to do yet.  (I will post the bead kit when we’re allowed.)  I’m on my second idea — haven’t touched beads for designing, let alone paper and pencil.  I hope to have a few minutes today to give idea #2 an attempt.  The first may yet work as well.

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    1. Only around the house to test the clasp! I have a sweater that color, so I will wear it eventually. The green is a vintage Czech, so no number. It’s a light chartreuse. “Apache green” MAY be the name of that color, I can’t remember for sure.

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