One of the things that having a self-hosted WordPress blog offers is the ability to add plugins, additions to the basic theme.  The common statistic plugin I use shows me what link visitors come from.  Occasionally that link is a translator, so I added one, available on the sidebar.  I chose a few languages; there’s a language or two I’d like that isn’t offered.

I’m still beading Christmas presents, so I can’t post them.  Maybe I’ll post a couple of teases…

4 Replies to “Translations”

  1. I did, I was thinking of you! 🙂 There isn’t Hungarian, and I think I sometimes have Hungarian readers. Rats.

    It uses Google Translator, and it seems ok. I know a very little German, and it looked reasonable in German…. What translator do you usually use? Babelfish is another possibility for me to choose.

  2. How cool is that! Thank you! I am afraid I can’t help you. Usually I read in English and never use a translator. I hear from others that the Babelfish is o.k. though.


  3. I was guessing that it was likely you were reading in English. MY reading in German is catching the occasional word and/or common phrase. I’ll leave it as this translator for now, change it if someone complains it’s all gibberish….

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