Time management…

…or lack thereof!

I have kept this to be a straight beading and visual arts blog, but I haven’t been posting as much lately, and I’d like to briefly explain. In a nutshell: I’m working more hours, I am at the tail-end of a home remodeling project, and my workspace is in such a shambles I don’t want to work in it. I need to take at least three plus hours to clean my studio, and I haven’t managed to do so. I have beads to put away from at least five projects — and those I’ve managed to put back in fliptops, I haven’t actually put away. I have to repackage beads from several purchases and put them away as well; I don’t bead shop often as I have a good collection. I don’t think I’ve put anything away since March.

I know some people enjoy working amidst the glory of many projects in all stages. However, I prefer just a few projects out, and everything I’m not working on, put away. I like to see the top of my table. It is oak. I think.

My next two windows of available time are Wednesday or Thursday evenings, but those are after full days of work. I need to bribe/reward myself so I just get it cleaned up. I do have a project started that I need to photograph so I can blog about it. And if this workspace were cleaned up some, I’d be motivated to work on it!

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