Tell me about my purse…

I needed to kill some time while away from home about a week ago, and wandered into an antique mall.  I found this purse, damaged and worn, but beautiful.


Look, they’re true-cuts (bigger than charlottes):


And the back.  Does this strap slip over your hand?  I have very small hands, and my four fingers just barely fit in it.


It’s about 6″x4″, and lined with satin with a small pocket.  Anyone have any insight into time period, place of manufacture, the handle?  At $4, I had to have it.

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  1. A lot of that kind of bead work was done in what is now the Czech Republic – there are still some workshops in that area.As far as the date is concerned I’m less sure, it looks 1930’s to me, but it could be later than that.

    I don’t know if there is anything on the zipper tab like a manufacturer, or patent number, that could help with dating the bag, as could the beads used.

    The strap at the back could either have been slipped over the hand, or attached to a belt, it probably wouldn’t hold more than a compact and lipstick.

    Love, Jan

    1. Thanks, Jan! I was thinking Czechoslovakia was a possibility. The zipper is a Talon, looks vaguely Art Deco-y in its styling of the tab (but I really don’t pay that much attention to zipper pulls, this may be standard). The beads look Czech in their shape. As far as being for a belt, that did occur to me. The loop would fit a 2.5″ belt, which seemed wide — but maybe it wasn’t expected that the belt fill the loop?

  2. I have a bag similar to that that has a tag inside which states it was made in Czechoslovakia. Mine has a cool 30’s pattern and closes with an antique snap. You can find it on my blog by searching Czech handbag. Your bag is very beat up though, and has a zipper. I’m thinking it was made later than the 30’s.

    1. This one was definitely used – lipstick stains on the inside, the wear on the beadwork. Czechoslovakia seems likely, and this one was probably less expensive at the time because of no pattern. Sometime I’ll have to see when zippers started coming into usage in beaded purses, that might help.

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