Saraguro beadwork

Mary Tafoya just posted about going to the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market, where she got to see oodles of Saraguro beadwork, and met some of the artists.  Mary took some beautiful pictures; that would be an exhibit of beadwork to see!

I’ve seen several collars in person.  Linda Belote is an Anthropology professor at the Univeristy of Minnesota – Duluth, where I attended a Split Rock Arts session on beadwork.  She visited the classroom with some of her collars, and it was wonderful to be able to see them in person.  Here is one of Belote’s symposiums on the evolution of Saraguro beadwork, the website that she and her husband maintain on the Saraguro people, and the beadwork from that website.

I wish I could see those collars again!  If you’d like to make a collar of your own, like Mary wrote, check out Chris Prussing’s patterns on, where she donates half of what she makes back to the Saraguro – I think through Linda Belote!

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  1. Hello friends,

    Thank you to all these people that appreciate and admire the Saraguro beadwork. We are a family of Saraguro indigenous people living in Wisconsin and would like to invite you to check what you are missing: the most authentic Saraguro beadwork, made by saraguros to the world.
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  2. Hi Dulcey,

    I was in the same Split Rock Arts program beadwork class! I just wanted to say Hi! I also wanted to say that all my bridesmaids wore saraguro inspired collars at my wedding 🙂

    1. Kelly!! Of course I remember you! I’ve invoked you on this blog, talking about the Kelly stitch! And I bought the basic leaf stitch pattern from you directly too, before it was published. Very cool that all your bridesmaids wore Saraguro inspired collars. Congratulations on your marriage! I’m tickled you found this post, thanks for commenting.

  3. I love that you made something out of the Kelly stitch. It sort of popped into my head one day and besides teaching it in Joyce’s class, I haven’t touched it.
    I haven’t actually done a lot of beadwork lately, but I’ve seen your name pop up from time to time and think to myself, Yay Dulcey! I was very pleased to find your blog.

  4. Sorry for the uber-late response. I’m doing great! I have a little girl named Chloe who is the light of my life, and my husband and I have been married for just over three years. I’m just getting back to beads (mostly to use up my stash!) I hope you’re well too!!!

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