Retired palette

These lovely beads have been sitting out for maybe as long as a year.  I’m not longer going to use them as intended, and I needed to clean up my workspace.


I still want to use these beads someday, although maybe not all of them!

6 thoughts on “Retired palette”

  1. Oh my I’m drooling. I hope I’m right – I’m seeing oranges and yellows? I love orange and yellow! those blues look very interesting 🙂 Hey, if you’re retiring these colors and looking for darker ones, I’d be interested in talking about a swap!

    1. Just retired from this project! They’re lovely oranges and yellow-oranges, turquoise, cream, and gold. Many of the oranges are French. I still want to keep them, just not for the project intended. 🙂 This picture will help me remember…

  2. THOSE ARE LOVELY!!!!!! But then you know I just adore oranges & warm colors. Adding the blue & cream really make that a lovely palette. dot

    1. Thank you! I do love these colors, and I’ll use them together sometime (though probably not ALL of them). The blue-turquoises are good with those oranges as an accent, that’s how I was intending on using them.

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