Orange beaded bead necklace done!


It’s done!  My plan, as I was working on it, was that the clasp (button) would be worn jauntily off-center.  I think it looks best centered.  It literally took me hours to string, and that was after I had laid out the design.  Here’s the lesson to take away from this:  when making right angle weave covered beads, DO pay attention to where the hole is in the armature bead.  Slowly, slowly, turning the bead under two Ott-lights to try to find it was a pain.


The clasp is effectively hidden by the button.  Works great!

14 thoughts on “Orange beaded bead necklace done!”

    1. Thank you! I like the clasp too, definitely will keep my eye out for great buttons to use this way. I should know better about the hole – I was taught better! (by David Chatt)

    1. Thank you! And I might be changing my mind again — right now, I’m wearing it with the large orange bead as the center. I think I like it this way, at least today….

    1. Or, OR — impale the beads as you make them on scrap wire or something, bending the ends to keep track of the hole. Then you can keep track of those migrating holes, and still rearrange the individual beads when it comes to stringing… Thanks!

  1. WOW…that is beautiful. I’m blown away, but then since I don’t do RAW, I have no idea what you are talking about. I guess I really need to learn this technique. It is LOVELY!

    1. Thanks, Dot! When making a beaded bead over an armature, it’s best to leave an intended hole in the bead covering. I didn’t, figuring I’d just find it through one of the RAW holes. The sizing was off a little, the proportion of armature to size of seed bead, to make it easy on the blue ones. The dark orange ones are a perfect size for the transparent orange beads and I was easily able to keep an obvious hole in the RAW, no problems stringing those.

  2. Beautiful! I am not very much into orange, but now I guess I am! I love seeing the progress and decisions you’ve made. Thank you for sharing that!

    1. Thanks! Orange has definite possibilities – I wore it with a white shirt, blue and white striped skirt, and red shoes. Definitely an accent piece of jewelry, not a blend-in-with-what-you’re-wearing.

      I have to remember I only have to make one decision at a time — when I’m working on a project that seems to have so many possibilities, I just have to do one step at a time.

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