The size of the online beading world

is very, very small! I was on a flight yesterday, sitting next to a gentleman reading a book. We exchanged hellos, then he read, and I napped and then beaded (picture in a later entry). While we were waiting to deplane, he commented on my beading, and sounded a bit knowledgeable. He said he knew someone who beaded, had a website, sold patterns online. I asked who it was, thinking that I might know the beader, and I do! Our shared beading acquaintance is Pat Savu. Pat is the local coordinator for the Bead Quilt, we’ve exchanged emails, and we’ve met in person once or twice (I think, sorry if I got that wrong, Pat).

My seatmate works with Pat. It was very fun.

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  1. Hehe, I’m always amazed by little coincidences like that!

    I love Pat’s work … she has an incredible eye for detail, and her imagery can be *very* realistic.
    IIRC, she’s some sort of scientist. The contrast of right brain & left brain in her profession vs her artwork just amazes me.

    And meh, no idea why the site blipped out this morning. All of our sites were down the other night too (quilt/julia/me). Our server is usually really reliable.

  2. can you bead on a plane? with needles?
    i have to fly on sat and i hate it! i if i could bead, i would feel a lot better…. of course, those anti-anxiety drugs i have to take to actually board the plane, might make concentrating a bit difficult…

  3. Drea, my seatmate was commenting on the science-bead connection too. I know that’s one of her many strengths — I have done one of her graphed patterns, of a Jack Russell for a friend.

    I love serendipity!

    Beadcave is working great, I removed the comment (my broken link checker was being a pita – because I didn’t change the link, it didn’t believe that it now worked. I deleted and re-added. Computers!)

  4. Yup, Amber, you can bead on a plane with needles. I *think* you can even bring small scissors like kid’s blunt scissors (there’s a blade length requirement, if I’m right — it’s on the TSA website). I bring a clover cutter, one of those round notions you can find in sewing shops that has dents in the side where you cut the thread against an embedded blade. Other possible options are putting a thread bobbin in a floss case, or nail clippers (possibly without the nail file — that used to be a requirement, may or may not be the case now).

    Maybe bring a project, just in case you feel like you can? Bring something like a spiral, where you just repeat until you’re done (that’s what I did). I hope you feel okay on your flight. Maybe just having beads with you will be comforting. Good luck!

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