Not serious beading, but fun!

orange-button-ringI haven’t been doing that much beading lately, and miss it.  I needed a reward for doing a disliked task (mending), so at the fabric store, while picking up thread, grabbed these buttons.  A few minutes of peyote later, and I have a ring!

8 thoughts on “Not serious beading, but fun!”

    1. It was super fast and easy — I just had to find the right orange of my many oranges. And like you said, a good way to show off a fun button — the bottom pink one is 3/4″, so bigger than any other ring I wear. But it’s not like it’s heavy!

    1. Thank you! I just read a blog post from Mary Tafoya, talking about how she had just bought some buttons — which reminded me to look in the fabric store when I was there. And they were on sale!! I bought some more spotted ones as well — purple, like the orange. I’ll play with those sometime.

    1. Thank you! I love the immediate gratification — we need to do more of that! Photography is a pain; I appreciate truly good photos when I see them. Mine are good enough for blogging, but not much more, you know?

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