New necklace design

I wanted to create something simple in appearance, clean-looking in design, and interesting. I like it – it combines stack stitch and right angle weave, using just two colors. I can see the possibilities with color; I think black for the stack stitch part, and various brights for the right angle weave part would be attractive. Maybe even shading, with the center three-bead part of the right angle weave being a darker shade.

This necklace is a gift, with the hope of matching a specific piece of clothing. Why, oh why, didn’t I take a photograph of the clothing? I hope my memory is correct.

I believe this makes three pieces of beadwork in a row that were made as gifts. I have a partially completed project on the work table that is for me, but I have to get back to Beading for a Cure. It’s due in about a month. Also, I need to sit down and experiment more with this camera.

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