Naniboujou palette

I just love these colors used in the ceiling at the Naniboujou Lodge, which I wrote about here. I decided to make a double spiral rope using these colors. I wanted to use the bright colors more as an accent, to help it not be too overwhelming and busy.

Here’s my first attempt — too much core showing. I’m using beads on hand, and these 6s were what I had that worked the best as a core bead with these colors. An 8 would have been better.

Okay, let’s do a triple spiral. I’ve never done one before, but what’s one more spiral among friends? This works, but I have the colored beads disappearing a bit into the spiral.

Here’s the one I’m sticking with; it has the addition of a 13 in the red-brown after the two bright colors, to help the colors not get buried in the nearby spiral.

I think I like it, and will continue. I need a great button or something for a clasp, or maybe make a beaded clasp? For some great spiral necklaces (and many other pieces), look at Sabina’s website. Here’s a wild spiral sample of hers — it’s a quintuple. She ran out of needle space in the core beads, and I think she said it was inflexible.  Update:  check out Saby’s comment – the quintuple technically worked, it was the SIX rounds on a spiral that was inflexible.

8 thoughts on “Naniboujou palette”

  1. Hey Dulcey, that’s an interesting color combo! Good job!
    Don’t you love the triple? 🙂
    Thanks for mentioning my spirals! The quintuple was actually working, I gave up only because it was driving me nuts keeping the 15/0s from falling inside the 6/0’s holes, but it was nice and flexible. The one which was not flexible and had me run out of space in the holes was a sixtuple!
    Now you made me want to play again with spirals! 🙂
    I’d like to make a tutorial for the double triple, if I can figure out how to do that.

  2. Thanks, Saby! I think it will be wearable….

    Sorry I remembered wrong about the quintuple — I have vintage 13s at the ends on this triple, and they want to fall in enough — and you have to have the smaller beads to have room for all the beads on the outside. I can see how it would drive you nuts.

    I like the double triple you do, but drawing it would be “interesting.” It gives the opportunity for some depth and shading.

  3. I was wondering why you added the 13/0s. I’ve been making all my triples with size 6/0 (Japanese) core and all size 11/0s for the outer beads without fitting problems. If your 6/0s are Czech, then they’re probably smaller and I can see why the outer 11/0s would get tight. Hmmmm

    Oh, drawing for the double triple might be waaay too interesting! Haha…not the easiest thing for a tuto beginner probably.
    I think I’ll try it with photos, even though that’s not too easy either. We’ll see.

  4. the last example works for me but the smaller ones made me think of peas in chocolate sauce. sorry, but my brain seems to be on sideways today.

  5. Peas in chocolate sauce, yuk! lol! It looks better at actual scale, I think. It’s slow going, levering that needle in between the core beads. There’s enough room, it’s just being difficult.

    I recently took another picture of a rug that may become a future palette. I should finish this (and several other things) first – right?

  6. I like it! The brwon was a clever way to mellow out the color scheme.

    If you want to stick with the lodge reference/theme, maybe find a super deco button or cab for the closure?

  7. Hey, thanks, Drea! I think I even have something I can wear it with, once I get it done. I should just buy some white blouses with varying necklines. 🙂

    Do you have a fab cab or button to tempt me with? I’ll buy it!

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