My 100th post

This is my 100th post in this blog, started February 10th of this year. I’ve enjoyed the process — which I find curious, as I’ve never successfully kept a journal. This is admittedly less personal than a journal, which must suit me. Blogging is incentive for me to bead more consistently, which I appreciate.

Technically, I’ve learned a lot. I learned KompoZer enough to completely revamp my website. Shortly thereafter, I learned how to host a WordPress blog, not the easiest with my particular web hosting. I’ve found some interesting plugins, and it’s a challenge to keep everything updated sometimes. I wait until I have some time and few things to update, and I’ll upgrade to the newest version of WordPress/theme/plugins.

SO, some statistics. As of right now, since I started this blog, I have had 10,768 visits (and this doesn’t include my own visits). My most popular post is about the Beads of Whimsy show at the Minnesota Textile Center, with 760 views to date. I posted a link to my pictures of the show on Bead Art and All About Beads (forums I’m on), and Suzanne Cooper and Mary Tafoya referred to my pictures in their writings, which drove the views of this particular post.

On to the next 100 posts!

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