More blogs to visit

I’m getting awfully close to 100 blogs in the blogroll. I really enjoy browsing others’ work!

I’m currently working on Christmas presents, but it’s possible that everyone I’m beading for reads this blog occasionally, so no pictures now. I’ll post some after the holidays.

4 thoughts on “More blogs to visit”

  1. Last I checked, I have 198 blogs in my Google reader. But, many of them are photo blogs of places I would like to travel. There are a lot of beading blogs in there, but I don’t spend a lot of time reading the beading ones. I just look at the pics! 😀

  2. Now you made me go look — I have 268 in my Google Reader, so the same ballpark as you. There are professional ones, bead ones, art, news, odd ones (Neatorama, etc), cooking. The bead ones mostly are looking at the pictures – compounded that I can’t read the language in a good number of them. I check periodically using Reader to see if they’ve been updated in the last month or so. If they haven’t been, I take them off the blogroll here, but I keep them in the reader, hoping they’ll start publishing again.

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