More blogs, again

Thank you to all the wonderful blog authors out there!  New additions:

There are about 150 links in the blogroll.  I keep a randomly rotating few in my sidebar, but have also recently added a sidebar link to a page with all of them, categorized by country.  I apologize for those friends’ blogs that I’ve missed — a future project is to go through my feed reader and compare it to this blogroll.  I also assume that I’ve made errors in country categorization.  If the author’s profile didn’t state their home country, I made an educated guess.  Please let me know if you see any errors.

Also, if you are reading this from my blog page, I have selected tweets from my twitter stream in the upper left — bead and art related ones.  Typical tweets would be a great piece of beadwork or bead instructions I found online, current beading project, etc.

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