Minneapolis Institute of Arts – Art in Bloom 2008

Katherine and I went to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts this past weekend to see Art in Bloom. This is when florists from around the metro area create hundreds (?) of floral arrangements based on an item in the permanent collection. It’s a wonderful museum, with a very broad collection. I probably visit at least 4 times/year — I’m very grateful to have this free museum nearby where I can periodically just go, browse, and enjoy.

Art in Bloom is held annually for one weekend, Thursday through Sunday. The place is packed, there’s special events, and parking can be challenging. Below are some pictures that I took of the event. No captions; if I took the time to take notes at the museum and then caption, I might not ever blog about it, so enjoy!

I ducked in to look at some beadwork. A tribe native to Minnesota is the Anishinaabe (Ojibwe). Here’s some pieces owned by the museum.

Leggings on velvet

And as I was leaving, they were inflating a duck in the park in front of the old, main entrance. Don’t ask me why!

2 thoughts on “Minneapolis Institute of Arts – Art in Bloom 2008”

  1. Ha! That duck is awesome! Oh, and the photos from Art in Bloom are great too… my favorite is still the flames of hell. 🙂

  2. Did you see the duck when we were there? I was thinking, “Um. A duck?!” Yes, I think the flames of hell were great with that piece, and I like that big vase with the spiraling roses too. Thanks!

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