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  1. Hey can you imagine what this would look like if those beads were those tiny little crystals? Way cool eh!
    Why don’t you weave them back in? How hard is it? Or is it just time consuming and tedious? Hmmm, like we’ve never heard beadwork called that before!
    In Valerie Hectors book, she has some loomed work, do you know what she did with the threads?
    Cheers, Denise

  2. I think the crystals would be blinding! 🙂

    It’s 300 tails, 150 per side. But the bigger problem is that this warp and weft thread is heavy, equivalent to maybe Nymo F or G. I don’t think I can get more than one tail in per bead– and if I could, I’m pretty sure that it would distort the ends of the beadwork. Too much heavy thread.

    I read one of Don Pierce’s books, and Virginia Blakelock, but they didn’t use a heddled loom, so had half the amount of threads that I do. On the Mirrix site, and in the Mirrix Yahoo group, they talk about weaving headers and footers. I’ll check Hector’s book, see if she’s got other suggestions, thanks! (And my Beads to Buckskins – but again, I think these are both non-heddled.)


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