Let’s play the Color Game!

Designed by Ted Naos, professor at the School of Architecture at the Catholic University of America, this is subtitled, “Discover beauty in the ever-changing world of color.” I was first introduced to this at a Split Rock Arts program that I attended, taught by David Chatt. A fellow student brought this, and we all played with it and enjoyed it. I just found mine at the Walker Art Center.

So, there are a number of near-squares in heavy glossy, colored die-cut cards. You mix and match, play and create color combinations.

Also included are 4 instruction cards, with information on the color wheel, things like simultaneous contrast and after image, the spreading effect and irridation, warm and cool colors, the fluting effect and Purkinse effect, and more.

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  1. They’re a lot of fun. I wish non-dyed beads came in all these intense colors! Yes on design-playing, it reminds me of playing with those wooden blocks that you can arrange in quilt designs.

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