Kumihimo sample, plus beads!

With the braiding disk came some cotton yarn in three colors, fuchsia, green, and gray. There was twice as much fuchsia as the other colors, so I chose this pattern in a simple 8-strand braid. This was easy to keep smooth with the thicker diameter of the fiber, and actually more consistent than later the necklace I made with embroidery floss. So, what to do with this short length? Add beads, and make a bracelet. I need to figure out a clasp, which may turn out to be a magnetic brass ball clasp that I have on hand. I may need to shorten the bracelet, depending on the clasp, which is why I have only finished one end. The beaded beads slide, but not freely, so I can shorten the braid and make a cap and redistribute the beaded beads, if that’s what I need to do.

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