This was a nice little project. I’ve only knotted a couple of times, it’s kind of a nice project to do. I have a friend who strings the beads, then will sit in front of the television with a needle and knots while “watching.” I used a needle too, to pull the knots down next to the beads. A better way would be making one of Celia Martin’s knotting boards. Look at her tutorial here; I used her instructions to help me.

So here’s the finished necklace. It’s satisfyingly heavy because of the weight of the cubic zirconia. It’s long enough to put over my head without unfastening, but I couldn’t figure out a way to make it a claspless necklace. I can get two passes of the cord through the cz’s and the gold 11 charlottes, so on a sample, I tried crossing the ends through the gold bead-cz bead-gold bead, and knotting a couple of times (instead of one), gluing the knots, and trimming. I didn’t like how it looked, and I just didn’t feel it was secure enough. So, I have a purely decorative clasp!


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