Kiowa artist Terri Greeves honored as a living treasure

Bead artist Terri Greeves, and her sister Keri Ataumbi were both honored as living treasures for the 2015 Native Treasures Indian Arts Festival (May 23-24, 2015), a benefit  for the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture (MIAC) in Santa Fe. Ataumbi is a jeweler, describing her work as wearable art.

I have seen Greeves work in person; she was displayed in “Art without Reservation” at the Weisman Art Museum in 2007. In a press release about the exhibition, you see a picture of her beaded Converse shoes on display. The banner on the museum was a giant photograph on vinyl of these shoes. Each bead is about 1/2″ in size – I know this, because after the exhibition, I bought a bag that was made out of the vinyl. I have the top of the fingertips you see on the right shoe.

Congratulations to these very talented sisters!


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