Jo Wood at Waters of Superior

I was in Duluth last weekend, and I took these photos of Jo Wood‘s work in Waters of Superior. It’s one of my favorite Duluth galleries – it also represents Craig Blacklock, a photographer synonymous with the North Shore of Lake Superior. I always try to stop by when I’m in town, and was delighted to see these four bead paintings, as well as I believe two pins in a jewelry case.

I am most taken with the first one, the seagulls on the docks and breakwaters. Fewer than 10 beads, and it IS a gull, with Jo Wood’s abilities!

I did more beading recently on the denim bracelet — and all that I did needs to be cut out. Rats. I had an idea today for perhaps a ring and bracelet design, but I won’t be able to give that a shot until next weekend. I hope!

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    1. Hi Rebecca! She is represented by the Grand Hand in St. Paul, too – so I’m fortunate to see Jo’s work once in a while. I run out of inspired adjectives, because what she does is so far beyond my embroidery skills.

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