Gwen Fisher’s DNA double helix

Gwen Fisher has posted the instructions on how to make her DNA double helix; she includes coloring the base pairs so the A, T, G, and C molecules denote an actual species. My species was limited by my bead colors! So, this is the shape only.

I found this straightforward to do. Gwen warns about tension, so I made sure to use enough — not usually a problem for me. I slightly modified her thread path. She builds the third corner and then adds the first row of beads to that side. I built corner three, then four, then back to three to add the first row of beads to the same side Gwen did. That thread path worked for me.

Here are Gwen’s instructions, which she illustrated using Doceri, a tool often used by teachers. I continued the geekiness by dragging and saving images from that video, putting them into a Word document, converting it to a PDF, and then saving it on my ereader. I think Gwen would approve. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Gwen Fisher’s DNA double helix”

  1. That looks great, I love Gwen’s videos they are so clear and concise. With the new color sequence I wonder what type of species you just created??? LOL.

  2. I definitely approve. Thanks so much for trying it out and posting a link back to my video. I’m glad you found a thread path that works for you. I had a dreadful time trying to figure out how to do the corners, and after my 8th version, I gave up and stuck with what I had.

    1. Thanks, Gwen! Corners/turnarounds really can be the tough part of a design. I found I was doing a different thread path, so I just went with it. It’s a great design, very appealing. Thank you for sharing it.

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