Green dichroic ring

I received three dichroic cabs as a gift when I hosted a swap many years ago. They are about 12mm square, and a full 6mm thick at the center. I gave a shot at making a ring like my blue ring, and this is the result:

I made it exactly the same as the blue one, but this one is a little less successful, primarily because of the thickness of the cab. I still used 2 rows of delicas as the outside border of the cab, then cinched it in with the smaller beads to capture the cab securely. I probably should have used 3 rows on the outside, as the cab can pop out of the back of the setting. This isn’t a problem when it’s on my finger, but is less secure than it should be.

Also because of the thickness, the setting isn’t as graceful looking when worn; the band is raised off my finger more than I’d like where it’s attached to the cab. I could have anchored the band on the lower row of delicas, that might have helped.

I could remake it — I might someday as the green delicas and the fuschia 15s are dyed, poor choice for jewelry that can get as much wear as a ring. I only had dyed beads on hand that looked good with the cab.

Still, all that aside, I love the ring. I will wear it and enjoy it.

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