Double netting

Angelica, inspired by the flat double netting in Diane Fitzgerald’s Netted Beadwork, has created and written instructions for tubular double netting.  I love the effect.  She wrote her free instructions in German and English, and the blog post that details how to download them is here — the website requires full name and address to register.

Here’s the colors I tried:


And the beginning of the tube:


Very cool, but too big in diameter for what I want — it’s 20mm across.  I’m going to try again with 13s, different colors.  I don’t have these colors in 13s….

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  1. Thank you for sharing with me (us), Dulcey. In fact I made an addition for small and medium diameter. I will update the whole pattern , those who has already got it, will get the addition separately…

    Great Colour choice!


    1. Thanks for the fabulous pattern!

      I can see one way to make it smaller – I’m looking forward to seeing your addition, thanks! I’m working in French 13s now (different colors, but still nice), it is smaller — but still a nice, substantial diameter. I think it will be a bracelet. I want to make a great clasp to go with it, that may take a while to figure out….

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