Daisy chain sample


I’ve been playing with daisies for a possible project.  This is the first attempt worth photographing (most others didn’t make a whole daisy, let alone a chain).  These sweet little things are 20 mm across at the face, about 3/4″.  This string of 5 is a little over 2 1/2″ long.

If I continue on this, I will need to anchor it to backing material with probably 4 anchors per daisy, and 1-2 for the chain connected the individual daisies.  I tried to start with simply embroidering it onto Ultrasuede, but didn’t have very good success.  After having done this chain, I think I will try again with the embroidery; I learned while making this sample.  It makes more sense to do it in one pass.

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  1. Very nice Dulcey I can see a bride wearing something like this with a matching choker, with maybe one or two daisys – how about attaching them to a simple strip of RAW?

    1. Thanks, Ellen! I want something with more strength and durability than a strip of RAW – that would definitely would be perfect for a choker. I’m also thinking more random, less even spacing and sizing than this sample.

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