Daisies 1, 2, 3….

So this earlier post is my first attempt at playing with daisies.  I like the look, but it needs to be attached to something for strength.  It makes more sense to just create the daisies on a backing, rather than a two-step process where I make the daisies and then attach them.  So!

Here’s the first attempt:


I’m using drop beads for the center.  The Ultrasuede is 1/2″ wide — my thinking is that I would stagger them over the width of the band.  I also did double petals of fringe, but these don’t look like daisies to me.  I attached them too close to each other, and the petals are coming off the face of the Ultrasuede.  I think they look more like mums.

daisy-sample-2These are on Ultrasuede 3/8″ wide, are spaced further apart, and I used double petals here too (except on the far left one, which has just one set of petals).  Some are charlottes and some are size 10 beads, in an effort to make the petals more flat to the surface.  Maybe a little closer to what I want, but real daisy petals are all the same size.


These are on Ultrasuede 1/4″ wide, with the flowers spaced about the same as the previous set.  I like the spacing of the left and center flower.  These petals are all charlottes.  Each daisy is about 3/4″ across the face.  I think this narrower width of fabric is better, as less is visible.

For these samples, I’m using ivory Ultrasuede, but I have white if I go from sample to finished piece.  I think the last set looks most like daisies, yes?  And should the centers be this happy bright yellow drop bead?  Thanks!

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  1. I agree the bottom strip looks the most like daisies. I would try a matte yellow for the centers. It would give a better contrast. They are quite dainty and very sweet looking.

    1. I think the bottom is the best of the three too — I may yet go in a different direction, of course! These drops are a matte yellow transparent, but quite bright and almost glow – I tried a yellow nailhead (classic yellow), and it was too harsh or something. If trying for a flatback or drop, there aren’t as many color choices as plain old seeds… Thanks!

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