Christmas presents

Here’s some of what I gave away as beaded Christmas presents in addition to the O-rings I gave to coworkers.  First are right angle weave pendants with a Japanese chevron in the middle.  One side is squared and stiffened with red charlottes (the chevrons have a bit of red), and the other with green.


These are the classic 12-sided bead ball with sequins.  My small modification, these use 15s bracketing two slightly cupped sequins facing each other (for dimension).  These are intended as tsotchkes.  If I wanted to use them as a pendant, I would put a soldered jump ring on a corner as I was working.  The sequins would make it difficult-to-impossible to simply string this on a cord.


Other gifts were a vase with a herringbone drape, and one of my starfish.

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  1. Hope you had a Merry Christmas! Lucky co-workers! … I stopped giving away my beadwork to people outside of my immediate family. Everytime I give (rather than sell) something I made to a friend, I end up losing them as a friend (due to unrelated circumstances). So, now, I am all business.

    1. I had a good Christmas, I hope you did too! My co-workers appreciated the presents. My beady gift list has evolved to include those who really like and appreciate beadwork — those who don’t seem to be ‘into it,’ I try to purchase a more suitable gift for them. I’d shy from giving beadwork to friends if I’d ended up with your unfortunate results, too….

  2. Dulcey you have really out-done yourself and LOVE that you’re kind enough to share the pix with us. The results of your work are SPECTACULAR! :0) ~Becki~

    1. Thanks, Ellen! It’s the standard 12-sided bead ball that I think I first learned with instructions from Chris Prussing. I had seen images on the web of people using rondelles in the middle of the sides, so it wasn’t a big leap for me to switch that to sequins — the big benefit being that they are really light with just a few 15s and the sequins. Caught the thread, of course, but that’s what sequins are for.

  3. Heya Dulcey! 🙂 These are both pretty cool patterns!
    Did your needle survive those sequins balls? 😉
    One of these days I will have to play around with RAW. I only used it twice.
    Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you, they worked out well! I did get a bit frustrated with the bead balls, but nothing TOO bad. (I think they’d be great earrings, dangling from something flexible.) No needle breakage — RAW has a lot of possibilities, what I think *I* should try sometime is really work with 2-needle RAW. I feel like all thumbs when I do.

  4. As a lucky recipient of a right-angle weave pendant, I’d like to say it is even more delicate and lovely in person! I adore wearing my Dulcey jewelry – Happy New Year!

    1. Hi there! No pattern – if you look at it, it’s just RAW made into a tube. Build in corners where you want them, to fit the bead you want on the inside. Then reinforce the squareness of the RAW by adding more beads on external corners (green on one side, red on another, in these). This is another that I made. Thanks for the compliment!

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