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  1. Thank you so much for sharing these and the origin of the pattern! I’ve added Mu’s blog to my follow list. This pattern is a great way to use small groups of remaining firepolish beads. Also the components (laid flat instead of folded) would make a great bracelet!! Once again, LOVE your blog!

    1. You’re welcome Onye! Mu writes an excellent blog, and you’re right, each component is a great shape flat. It takes a creative mind to come up with the interesting shape – and then think, what if I fold it and join four at the center? Thank you so much for the compliment on this blog. I’m very pleased you like it (I still plan on making Archimedes beads sometime, I have possible beads pulled, and bought some ear threads for them…).

  2. My friend just challenged me to write instructions for a class on (what will essentially be) Laura Shea’s Eureka beads (I call them Particles). It’ll be fun but it’s hard work to write up instructions on any type of non-chain stitch. Yet, I can make them almost in my sleep. When made with 15/0s, they make beautiful earrings.

  3. Which one is the classic? The dodecahedron or the truncated icosahedron? I’m sorry… as “bead-fuddled” as I am, I know them best by their geometry names. If you’re up for a real challenge, get a hold of Diane Fitzgerald’s Topiary Ball pattern. The petal beads are sold only by BeadCats (http://beadcats.com/). I still haven’t finished one; it’s pretty difficult. But soooo pretty.

    1. The dodecahedron, the one you can buy finished in pearls from importers. I have some clear ab petal beads, purchased from BeadCats. That Topiary Ball is gorgeous, I checked her website and see instructions are available, for when I “need” to make one, thanks!

  4. OK! I forgot you can buy them but I love making them. Especially with 3mm #5301 Swarovski (can we say “candy everyone wants?”). I think it’s time to add more ‘flesh’ to my collection of crystal beaded beads… happy beading!!!

    1. Hi there! Okno is a design by Mu, I can’t take any credit for it! She writes her instructions in French, but her diagrams are very good, and that’s all you need. I just tried myself, and the storage site for her instructions isn’t working right now. Hopefully it’ll come back – you can get at her schemas (instructions) from her blog. Her 2009 instructions are here; Okno is the third one from the top. Good luck! These Christmas presents were well-received last year.

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