Check out the Remembering Cindy Etsy shop!

The Remembering Cindy shop, starring the Mystery Image Challenge panels, has had many things added to it. The panels are there to be ogled (and purchased!); postcards are available if you’d like the images on large, glossy postcards — 4 postcards, one panel/postcard.

Beaded items, strung items, even painted items were originally donated by artists all over to help defray Cindy’s medical costs in her battle with lung cancer. These are being sold now, with all proceeds after expenses being donated to the American Lung Association.

I’ve purchased two items from the shop already. Go see what’s there, and maybe do a little Christmas shopping! Remember, we’ll begin closing the shop in January, so don’t delay.

Here’s my earlier entry with more details about the Remembering Cindy project.

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