Book review: Liza Lou

I recently discovered this book in my public library: Liza Lou published by Skira Rizzoli earlier this year. In it is much, much more than her Kitchen or Back Yard, much more than I was aware she had done. She is currently working in South Africa with a studio of men and women assisting her on her substantial pieces. The cover price is $60, and this 263 page coffee table book is rich with pictures, and with thoughtful essays and interviews. Liza’s commentary as shown by her beadwork has become more noticeably serious, as evidenced by the chainlink fence seen on the cover; it’s Security Fence — an American symbol with enormous significance in South Africa, where it was made. Much of her work is glued, but there are also some beadwoven pieces as well. I recommend at least checking this book out from your library.

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