BFAC 2009 complete

Okay, I finished the necklace. I decided for a mass of herringbone ropes and strung beads, all about the same length. They sort of self-tangle; not a mess, but cross each other as in the picture below. I like the look. The length is adjustable from 24″ to 27″. The findings are brass and base metal (the chain and clasp are brass). I wore it for several hours today, and the counterweight on the clasp worked well. I also received many positive comments. Now, off to AJ, the BFAC official photographer, to wait its turn for the next set of auctions.

Don’t forget to look at the current set of auctions, the schedule is available here.




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  1. Being it’s green, how could I not like it. Actually, I think it’s Super! It’s one of those pieces you can wear with almost anything. I should think it will draw lots of attention in the auction.


  2. It’s a great looking necklace, Dulcey! I really like it a lot!
    Those findings look cool too. How did you attach the ropes?

  3. Thanks, Sabina! I enjoyed doing it.

    I put a 6 or 8 on the end, and then go through the loop of the finding, and back through the big bead to the opposite side of the rope. I do at least 3 passes from the rope, through the bead, around the finding, back through the bead, and into the rope.

    CWW uses a different method in her second book, puts a big bead on its side and attaches the rope to it. Then uses wire to attach the big bead to the finding. I keep meaning to try that sometime.

    What do you like to use?

  4. I use 2 different methods to finish and attach my herringbone ropes.
    If I’m making my own beaded toggle clasps, I make a square stitched loop at the ends and then connect them to the clasps with simple rings of seed beads. If I use metal clasps with split rings, I follow Deb Moffett Hall’s instructions for her box chain, so I end up with only one bead at the center of the loop instead of two.

  5. Wow! That is really nice! My favorite color is green, and you just set it off nicely with the mix you chose. I am also a new fan of herringbone, having just learned it myself. You did a fantastic job on that.

  6. Yes, Dulcey, Deb has instructions on bead-patterns. com. Look for items #4583, or #6529. There are probably more necklaces finished up in this way, but these 2 are sure to have the instructions.
    It’s meant for the 4 beads around herringbone chain. You end up with a 5 beads loop centered between the 2 couples of chain’s beads.
    It works great with Delicas, with regular seeds, you might have to adjust the number of beads.
    String 7 Delicas (add the clasp or ring), go down the bead diagonally across from start and up its adiacent bead. String 1 delica, skip the first of the 7 loop beads, enter the second one and exit from the sixt. String another delica and go down into the base bead diagonally opposite. Reinforce by going again through all the beads. Clear as mud?

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