Beading for a Cure 2012 beads

I’ve begun experimenting with my Beading for a Cure beads, which will be auctioned for charity next spring. The rules are simple — at least one of each of the kit beads must be used, and only one non-kit bead may be added. Here are this kit’s beads — 2 8s, 3 11s, 3 15s, a bugle, long magatamas, 4 Swarovski beads, and 2 firepolish. This year’s kit was supplied by Beyond Beadery:

Nice colors. I think I’d like to add something lighter. First try:

The champagne colored Swarovskis do lighten the palette, but they’re not very exciting.

Next try:

This vintage glass cab might work, but the flashes of color don’t quite tie into the other colors as much as I’d like.

What I think I’m going to use:

These are vintage Cherry brand cabochons. I think they were made in West Germany in the 1940s. I have them in two sizes, and I may use both. AND, since these aren’t beads, I can still add a color — I think a yellow or gold, to go with the brightest colors in the cabs. I have an idea for a necklace, so it’s time to start experimenting.

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