Beading for a Cure 2010

Auctions are complete, and the kits are (long ago!) purchased and distributed to those of us participating in the project.  Beading for a Cure is a creative fundraiser for the National Colorectal Cancer Research Association in honor of Layne Schilling, a beader lost to the disease.  Beaders buy a kit of unknown contents, and are to create something using at least one of every bead, adding no more than one bead.  Finished projects are auctioned in March.  Here is the kit, which has to be made into something by July 15th.


The dark green between the black beads and the bugles in the center is a rose montee in olive; there are two sizes of these.


The lampwork bead is by Laurie B. Smith, the gray beads part of the kit, which I missed placing in the photo above…

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