Beaded Gerbera daisy

I had the opportunity lately to make a Gerbera daisy, as seen in many bead blogs. I had one rivoli on hand, and it turns out that brandy is a perfect color for a flower center, especially when framed by gold charlottes! I don’t know where instructions for this are published; I just gave it a try.

I started with making a flat round of peyote, and at slightly less than the diameter of the rivoli, I used the orange dagger beads in lieu of the 15s. Another couple of rows starting bring the bezel around the crown of the rivoli, and then a row of the smaller green daggers on top. Two more rows with 15s, two rows of charlottes, and then I came back up to the innermost ring of 15s and added the light green 15s on top. This has the benefit of pulling up a ridge of beads and causing the charlottes to slope down towards the crystal. I wanted more seeds to show in the flower, so I added loops from between the two different colors of daggers.

There is a pin attached to the back, with a pin converter to have it wearable as a pendant, if so desired. It was fun! I’ll make another sometime, when I buy another rivoli.

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