Bead related tweets, week of 4/12/10

If you read my blog from its homepage, you can see a bead-related tweet in the upper left, updated through Twitter and a plugin called WP-TwitterSearch that allows me to filter my tweets. I filter with the word “blog,” which you will usually see on the end of my bead-related tweets. You can follow me on Twitter, but then you also get unrelated tweets which you may not care to read. I am trying to find an automatic way to create a digest of only these bead tweets, but so far, I can only create a digest for my full twitter stream. So as an experiment, I’m going to try to periodically (weekly?) create a digest of these tweets — for myself as well! I would like to refer back to some of them, and this creates a clean place to search. This is a fairly typical week, with my tweets sharing beadwork I enjoyed. And a hopeful beading plan!

So, here are my bead-related tweets starting Monday, April 12th, newest first:

  • here’s another BFAC 2011 completion, a jewelry set from Grace: She emphasized the purple. I’m thinking bronze. (blog)
  • likes Lynn’s 2011 BFAC creation, lovely evening bag! I have LOTS more beading to do on mine, barely started. (blog)
  • check out the necklace of the snake that swallowed 5 elephants, by Káli: Fun! (blog)
  • sees that Florence and Gwen have new patterns up: I particularly like the top slider bead, done in herringbone. (blog)
  • here’s a neat jagged edge herringbone bracelet, done w Toho triangles: Worked from a center ladder to the edges? (blog)
  • oh! Peetje wrote up the instructions for her pretty herringbone flower: (blog)
  • loves Kelly’s button fish: I have a button beaded art doll of hers…. (blog)
  • has discovered maybe 90 minutes tomorrow that is all hers! I think honey whole wheat toast with nutella, tea, and beads!! (blog)
  • okay, you geeky math beady types, check out Evaline’s tetrahedron: (blog)

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