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  1. You know that bead crochet was introduced to the USA by Miriam Milgram, Martha Forsyth, and Pat Iverson. The former two are ethnic textile scholars and they learned the 6 bead around bracelets in Bulgaria. Where as one of them said to me “Everybody knows how to make.”

    These pieces are spectacular because they have at least 18 to 30+ size 15/0 beads around and worked on quilting thread with a 0.5 mm hook (US 15, Tulip 22)
    You can get the incredible detail of flowers and things. And they are worked in single crochet. The large diameter demands it.

    1. I remember the name Pat Iverson. I hope the tradition continues, as it’s such beautiful work. The scale of these projects is impressive to me, though it may be commonplace to them! It boggles MY mind….

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