Art Shanty Projects

If you live in a northern climate, you’ve likely at least heard of ice houses — a shelter ranging from a canvas tent to a trailer home for at least some protection from the elements while ice fishing. For at least the last 3-4 years, there’s been art shanties installed on a lake in Plymouth, MN, a suburb northwest of Minneapolis. This is the first year I’ve attended. The Art Shanty Project is open weekends until February 7th, but as I attended during the week, I wasn’t able to enter any of them. Viewing the outsides was still a treat!

2 thoughts on “Art Shanty Projects”

    1. It was great fun, I’m kicking myself for not going previous years – one of the dICEHOUSES was for sale, too! They were darned cute. The Write Me Up one had taken their chalk – there were questions on the outside to answer. One was why do you live in MN? The answer, were I to find chalk, would have been Spam! 🙂

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