Another daisy

I think this one is really pretty, definitely substantially different than the prior ones.  It’s also bigger, at about 1″ across its face.


I’m pleased at the shaping and cupping of the petals; that turned out really well.  This is a temporary mount on ivory Ultrasuede, instead of white, so the petals aren’t on tight and you can see loose thread and tails.  I can easily reuse them this way.  The flower center is a 5mm Swarovski flatback.  It’s obscured by the 15 seeds looking at an angle like this, but gives some depth to the flower if looking straight on, a rich gold with some flash.  I have the flatbacks in 6mm too.

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    1. Thanks! The others maybe looked more like daisy fleabane, that small wispy-petaled flower. I have shasta daisies in my garden, and they have many skinny petals, but that just doesn’t translate as well to a little beaded flower. I think this is closer to what you’d expect a *beaded* daisy to be? It takes longer to make this, of course.

  1. Ah, good distinction – when I think “daisy”, it’s the Shasta variety that comes to mind. They do have skinny petals, but the overall look of the flower is big, bright & bodacious. Delicate, but substantial.

    1. Thank you! I like how the center worked too. I know you can just glue the flatback on, but I wanted some thread working in there – I worry how long glue will hold on something flexible.

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