A wonky crown jewel

Here’s the result of the beaded bone bezel beads below; this is sort of a folk art rendition of a Laura McCabe design. Take irregular bone beads (18mm across), bezel and join them as instructed, and you get a 30mm beaded bead. This is too big for me to wear, so it’ll be a desk decoration. It could be a fan pull, but I don’t want to risk anyone actually pulling on it. There’s more than a little tension on this, mostly because of the irregularity of the shape.

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  1. Thanks! It wasn’t exactly what I was going for — and I wasn’t picturing how big it would get — but it’s fun! I can picture cool vintage buttons working better….

  2. Brava, Dulcey! It turned out great! I think I’d make some matching bazeled bone beads for a rope and wear it even if it’s a bit large. I love it! 🙂

  3. Saby, I think Arline has my solution — paperweight! To make it a bead, the instructions read to leave 2 corners open, leave out the crystals. When I saw the size, I didn’t do that. I still could string something through the hole in the bone beads, hmm….

    Thanks, both of you!

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