A quick visit to the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts

I love the MIA, its collection, its proximity to me, and the fact that it’s free — which means I can visit briefly if I don’t have a full half day to enjoy it.  I recently went to their Art in Bloom (post here), but it was too busy at that time to see these temporary exhibits that were on my list.

In the family room, there were these Native American pieces:


Haudenausanee moccasin (Iroquois), c. 1890-1900


Apsaalooka amulet (Crow), 1900

I love how ancient Roman glass gets beautiful iridescence from being buried:


There was an exhibit of Tzedakah boxes, a Jewish tradition of keeping a box in the home in which to place money for charity, which is given at Sabbaths or holidays.


This is German Art Noveau, from 1901, made of pewter.  Beautiful lines!

And finally, a light installation that I enjoy.  I forgot to write down the artist’s name.  All four walls of this room is like this; very peaceful.


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