A daisy collection

Here’s some more flowers, in addition to the one already designed — or to replace.


Sylvia found the white glass flower for me in Los Angeles.  The two daisies on the left are from The Beaders Floral by Liz Thornton and Jill Devon.  It’s actually a calyx, though I’m using them as flowers.


Here’s just the seed daisies – the center daisy can have the same center as the daisy on the right, the original daisy.  Here, it’s laying on top of the flatback.


And here’s what I think are the best possibilities so far, combining the original center daisy with other options.  I’d like a more rounded petal than the newest seed flowers, but that means brick stitch or square stitch, not this faster peyote.  The flower bead shown on the far right in the top photo also looks pretty good, I think.  I would attach it with a size 6 or 8 (an 8 is shown) topaz bead.

2 thoughts on “A daisy collection”

  1. I still favor your first one. The 2 new remind me of snowflakes, very dainty. For me the clear ones don’t have enough definition placed on light ultra. Have you seen this lotus beaded bead at
    http://www.beadinfinitum.com I have made a few of them, fairly large for necklaces, it all depends on the size of the dagger you start with.

    1. I like the first one best too – it’s brick, so relatively slow. I’m hoping for something faster (peyote). Definitely, the newest ones are daintier. I wish I could find (and I spent a fair amount of time looking) more opaque petal beads – these are very nice, but not what I would ideally want.

      That lotus is very pretty! Here’s the direct link to the lotus. Very smart use of the daggers and drops. Thanks for pointing it out.

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