A beady trade, the decision

A month or so ago (or more?), Sylvia gave me a bead crochet necklace, and I started working on a necklace for her in return. I love the necklace she made for me — it’s matte transparent s/l red, black, and supra white in an interesting geometric pattern. Sylvia likes turquoise, among other colors, so I sent her pictures of bead combinations, pictures of 3 samples, and we decided on the combination below.

For a clasp, I used a magnetic clasp. I somehow have gotten this far without using one — it was amusing; it stuck to the needle, it stuck to the scissors…

The necklace has a lovely feel to it. I have yet to make one of this stitch for myself; they’ve been gifts. Maybe next time? I sent her these pictures, she likes it, so it’s on its way.

I still have my loom sitting here. I am thinking I may need to redo the footers, the spacing is too narrow for the width of the individual beads (2 rows of beads on the loom). I just don’t want to face redoing it. I think I need to loom one row of beads to get the spacing right (to take out later), then the footer, and then the pieces.

I have a bead book checked out from the library that is due in a few days, and I cannot renew it as it has a waiting list. I want to try one project out of that, with modifications, of course.

I have more beads I want to cover with right angle weave.

I want to make a couple more rings, like my blue ring. I have a jasper cab and a dichroic cab waiting here with their accompanying beads.

I have a Jo Woods kit to complete sometime in the not-so-distant future too.

First, I have to pick up the detritus that is on my work table from the ring, this bracelet, and other color ideas. Then, I will probably start the one out of the library book. Start something new rather than finish something unfinished, how typical is that?

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  1. gosh I like that!! It looks so amazing. The colours turned out perfectly and the necklace just begs to be touched!
    Now, forgive me for forgetting, but is the stitch?
    Cheers, Denise

  2. Thanks, Denise! I mailed it today to Sylvia, I hope she likes it in person too. As far as the name of the stitch, it was one taught to me to Kelly Lightner, Joyce Scott’s assistant at Split Rock Arts. She called it the “Kelly Stitch.” I’ve seen one-sided versions in African beading.

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