Vielen Dank, Mariposa!

At the end of December, Mariposa generously wrote detailed instructions for these beaded beads, and posted the pdf on her blog here.  I was able to make the beads without any translation tools, simply using the exploded diagram on the last page.


So I could more easily see where the increases were, I counted the beads in each row, and penciled in the number next to the row — that way I knew when I needed to pay more attention.  I was able to bead these without having to take out more than a bead or two, and the second one was even easier.  I used single nymo for beading thread, and they are very rigid.

I would like to make another — can’t you see these as a stained glass ornament, with the single line of darker beads black or bronze, with different colors within each outlined shape?  That would be a great pendant.  Also I wonder if, instead of using the size 11 beads, you could use the smallest Swarovski beads (probably with Fireline).

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  1. Hi, Dulcey!
    I was just wondering why people popped into my blog from your direction and discovered your post. Thank you very much for your kind words, I feel very honored. *blush*. I sure hope you had fun with the design. As this is a quite high tension project, I would rather recommend using Toho-one-G thread.

    And for your great idea with the swarovski beads, my friend Brigit from “fofinhas perlenstübchen” already tried 2,5 mm bicones instead of the size 11 beads ( Looks great, I think. Today I ordered some 2mm rounds…

    1. I had a great time with your design, you did an excellent job on the instructions and diagram. Thank you for sharing it! Yes, I will use sturdier thread next time, I have some about the weight of that Toho thread. Doubled would have been better of the Nymo D.

      I do read Brigit’s blog, I will have to look and see her version! I was thinking of the even tinier Swarovski crystals, I think they come as small as 1.5 mm? I didn’t even think of the larger ones.

  2. These are gorgeous! I tried to pop over and see the instructions, but it wouldn’t download (bad link or some such). Do you know if Mariposa has it posted somewhere else? thanks!

    1. Thanks! It’s a great design. I just checked to see if it was working now, and it wasn’t for me, either. I would say just leave a comment on her blog on that post and let her know that the link isn’t working, and that you’re interested in it. She’s fluent in English – her comment in my blog is just above yours. 🙂

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