Ubuhle bentsimbi: The beauty of beads

The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, is currently showing an exhibit entitled “Ubuhle bentsimbi: The beauty of beads.” It highlights southern Nguni beadwork highlights from the Eastern Cape. The exhibition will be accompanied by demonstrations of traditional beading techniques. The show goes through October 10th.

2 thoughts on “Ubuhle bentsimbi: The beauty of beads”

  1. Hi Dulcey,

    I’m slightly embarrassed that I only found out about this exhibition from your blog, what with me running a beadwork business in South Africa! Thanks so much for highlighting it, it’s so exciting! I think I need to start planning my trip…


    1. Hi Anna!

      I just got lucky in learning about this exhibit, from a bead-related tweet on Twitter – I’m pleased that it was of help to you!

      I looked at your retail catalog, and I especially like the Ocean Floor Range and the Floral Kingdom Range. I hope your shop is doing well…

      …and that you enjoy the exhibition!


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