Two new glass exhibits at the McClung Museum in Tennessee

The McClung Museum of Natural History & Culture, on campus at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Tennessee, recently opened TWO new glass exhibits.

Glass of the Ancient Mediterranean explores ancient glass with thirty pieces from the Yale University Art Gallery. It features objects from ancient Egypt and the Roman and Byzantine Empires, where glassmaking underwent tremendous developments through periods of innovation and experimentation. These pieces of glass showcase craftsmanship, artistry, daily life, and luxury in the ancient Mediterranean.

Brightly Beaded: North American Indian Glass Beadwork investigates the importance of the introduction of glass beads to the American Indians of the Plains, Great Lakes, Subarctic, and Northeast. The exhibit “explores the techniques, as well as the functional and cultural significance of these pieces. This brightly beaded art served as a highly visible expression of ethnic identity and pride that continues to this day.”

There are various programs planned around the exhibitions. They will be on display until June 1st.

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